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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What does MyLoopTracker do? allows you to track stats, receive a handicap and analyze your game. MyLoopTracker is for the serious golfer who would like to improve their game. We will evaluate your game against players of similar playing ability and then give you detailed drills to work on at the range to help take your game to the next level.

What are the membership levels, and where can I upgrade?

Standard Membership – Our free membership will allow golfers to track their handicap and a few basic stats. Standard members can join existing local clubs but are not eligible to receive detailed drills relating to their game.

MyLoopTracker+ Membership – Plus members will be able to track all playing ability stats. Players will be ranked against other members on the site and given a variety of lessons and drills. Join clubs and receive an official USGA handicap card.

For more information and to upgrade to MyLoopTracker+ check out our sign up page.

Log In / Password

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Please use our password recall function by providing your email address and last name on your account to receive instructions via email.

How do I change my password or email address?

Once logged in with your myLoopTracker account, access Membership Preferences to update your password or email address.

Posting Scores / My Handicap

I've posted scores, where is my handicap?

Players are required to enter (5) 18-hole loops for a handicap to be calculated. Incomplete or partial scorecards are not used to meet this requirement.

I already joined an official club and my handicap is still not displayed.

Joining an official club will only provide you with an official handicap card. Your handicap will still be calculated after entered (5), 18-hole loops.

My scores are missing!

myLoopTracker allows hole-by-hole scorecards to be saved at any time during the data entry process. In the event your scorecard is not complete it will be saved beneath your other cards and designated "incomplete".

If your myLoopTracker+ membership lapses at any time, your previously entered hole-by-hole scores will automatically downgrade to cumulative scoring. Upgrade your account today to obtain access to your complete data.

What if I there are no compliant golf clubs in my area?

If there are no compliant golf clubs in my area you will have the ability to create your own club. Once a new club is created follow the .official club status. application guide to help assist you in the USGA process.

Billing / Orders

How do I cancel a myLoopTracker+ subscription?

If your account was established less than 30-days ago, please refer to our refund policy. Otherwise, please use the interface provided within membership preferences to disable auto-renew on your account.


How can I advertise on this site?

Please contact for a detailed rate sheet.

How can I advertise on a printed scorecard?

To advertise on MyLoopCard golf scorecards across the country please check out for more information.

Golf Course Information

How do I add a new course to the database?

Our golf course database is growing daily but there still are courses which need to be added. If your local course is not in our database, don.t worry. After searching unsuccessfully for your course MyLoopTracker will prompt you on how to enter a new course. By providing some basic course information we can get you up and rolling.

My course's scorecard is incorrect.

If our course database information is different than the actual course scorecard, please contact us at, and we will look into the issue.